And So Now We March

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We saw social revolution when women fought for the right to vote, when women started going to work.

Women were finally allowed to receive an education. And now women today go to college at a higher rate than men.

But women are being vocal saying that’s still not enough.

It’s not enough until women are treated equally and given equal opportunities.

The list of women’s issues continues including sexual assault, harassment, sex and human trafficking, domestic violence, unequal pay, workplace discrimination, lack of reproductive rights, and so on.

This includes all women, women of color, single mothers, and women from around the world.

Instead of old white men deciding what to do with women’s bodies, how about women decide.

(If you want to ban abortion, but want to ban birth control…you need to make up your mind.)

We’ve heard stories of older generation women sharing that it was normal for men to pinch their cheeks and call them sweetie.

Now women are demanding respect. And if that pisses off people, well that’s too bad.

And we're sorry not sorry for ignoring your catcalls. Sorry not sorry for being "bitchy."

When a girl is brave enough to tell you she’s been raped, how about you ask her how’s she doing instead of asking what she was wearing and if she was drinking.

And so now we march. For every girl who’s been assaulted and unbelieved. We march.

For women who work twice as hard and get paid half as much, we march.

For women who have been fired for taking maternity leave, we march.

For women who have been shamed for needing an abortion, we march.

For women of color, who face double discrimination and are often less believed, we march.

For women who have been dealt with and even been killed from domestic abuse, we march.

For women who have been vulnerable and trafficked, we march.

For women around the world, who have even less rights, who still face forced marriages, abusive marriages, and less opportunities, we march.

Now women are saying Me Too. They are breaking the silence. They are giving birth to a movement.

Now with women unifying, there’s nothing that can stop us.


Photo by Women's March.