The Faces Behind Birth of Reason

Judi Weisbart

Judi Weisbart - President

I am a mother, grandmother and the designer of the Egg Necklace. I saw this image when sitting in a Peace Circle with Israeli & Palestinian women at the Global Women’s Peace Initiative in Geneva in 2002. The egg was a Russian egg that we handed around in order to keep the conversation moving and only the holder of the object could speak. When it was placed in my hand I had a vision of the earth emerging from it. And so I created the necklace for our planet at this moment in our ‘his-tory’, or should I say ‘her-story.’ The time has come for The Birth of Reason. This is the time and we are the women! As our world reels from social shifts, political divisions, environmental disasters, economic insecurity and fear based leadership, we need a new paradigm of unity.

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Anna Haefele - Web & Graphic Design

I am a visual designer and project coordinator living in Guadalajara, Mexico, but above all, I’m a woman in the world and a supporter of equality. I believe in the strength, intuition, and intelligence of women to create peace, beauty, and stability for everyone. Working with Judi Weisbart to grow Birth of Reason is an honor and I’m excited to see the power and unity the Birth of Reason emblem can bring to women all over the world. No matter how the symbol is displayed, it’s a strong reminder that we’re all sisters under the skin and that we are all in this together. I’m in if you are!


Alice Haefele - Vice President

I am an entrepreneur and small business owner in Santa Barbara. I am honored to be working alongside Judi Weisbart on the Birth of Reason project because the concept is something that I personally resonate with. I believe that women are strong and capable of so many things... everything! Working toward the global empowerment of women may be the single most important thing we can do for our planet and humanity. The Birth of Reason emblem is a unifying symbol that can transcend age, religion, culture, and social status to bring us together under one shared purpose and help us move toward our true potential with hope and determination. I look forward to seeing Birth of Reason grow and the women's movement gain immense power and momentum.  


Julia Lee- Writing and Social Media Intern

I am a writer and journalist in Santa Barbara, CA with a degree in Economics and Business from Westmont College. I do some writing for the local news as well as journalism and communications work for several organizations. I am also working with several documentary filmmaking projects. I am excited to be helping with the Writing and Social Media Management for Birth of Reason. I consider myself an activist and feminist and like to be very involved in the community. I am passionate about social justice and women’s rights and believe that there is still so much work to be done in our country and around the world. I want to raise awareness for this cause.

Birth of Reason Photographers:

These amazing women volunteered their talent and time because they believe that a symbol for the women's movement is important and must be manifested now.

Sarita Relis

Sarita Relis is a Portrait, Event & Lifestyle photographer in Santa Barbara. She enjoys working on projects with non profits, businesses & individuals that are socially & environmentally conscious. She is known for producing clean, light filled imagery.  Sarita brings a subtle, unobtrusive approach to her craft that enables her to capture the elemental, as well as the nuanced, in people and moments. Employing a journalistic style to event photography, she aims to tell the whole story, in a manner that celebrates the details, as much as the big picture. Check out her work here.

Helene Glassman

Helene Glassman is a photographer/businesswoman in Santa Barbara, California and Atlanta, Georgia.  Her company, Imagery Photography, is a well-respected and successful portrait-event and fine art studio in Southern California established in 1982.   Educated in music and art at the University of Memphis, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as a Masters degree in Communications. Her creative juices have been rounded out with a Bachelor of Science in Photography at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara.  She also holds the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees awarded by Professional Photographers of America.