Now is the Time and We are the Women

A Letter from the Creator of Birth of Reason

As women gather at this time in our history we are doing so out of reaction. Millions of us marched after the election but the pink pussy hat was a reaction to Donald Trump and his pussy grabbing, #MeToo is the reaction to Harvey Weinstein and his sexual predator behavior. But do we really want to be reacting or do we want to be proactive? What do we do? How do we grow into a meaningful movement? What are the elements that create this shift? What are the important factors and how can we all come together?

I believe that this is the time for the Birth of Reason and the unifying symbol for the women’s movement worldwide. It is what we all need now. As you all know, I began this process right after the election in November 2016. I had a vision of the egg with the earth emerging from it at the United Nations during a women’s peace circle. Today I know that I have been called to create a world that empowers all women through this symbol.

Our women’s movement needs it’s very own branding. Instead of waiting and reacting, we must take the reins and actively sculpt our future. We are the women and we are being called to make the change on this planet.

We are asking you to help us do this work. We are about to launch a new and improved version of the Birth of Reason website. At this time we have some products, necklaces, temporary tattoos and patches to sell. The next step is to find the NGOs that would like to make products with our symbol on them. In doing so we will help to support their message in the world and we will create a larger marketplace for our symbol.

We have also begun a weekly blog that we would love for women to become involved in. We are hoping to call all women young or old, black or white, straight or lesbian, Muslim or Hindu - all women to write about their experiences and to inform and inspire others.

We are also looking at creating a podcast, once again asking women throughout the world to interview each other on their phones and recording devices, and submit it to Birth of Reason so that we can put together a weekly podcast on issues that are concerning to women around the world.

We want to be the place that you go when you’re looking for answers, inspiration, and above all else, a resting place where you are understood and heard. For millennia women have always gathered around the watering hole in their small villages to talk about their pain and suffering and to express their joy and gratitude in life. We need to make the Birth of Reason our new watering hole.

Please help us to create a deep and meaningful website and a place that the branding of the women’s movement can be birthed. It’s not about one woman, it’s not about one issue, it’s not about one political view, it is about all that we stand for together as sisters. Because today is the day that we take the power back and become the balance for the world that we want to see. Together we must help create the safety and nurturing of our planet and our future.


With love and gratitude,

Judi Weisbart - Birth of Reason Founder