WomEn of Peace:
A Movement to Save the World


Birth of Reason promotes a vision of an international symbol for the women’s movement. We seek to unify women through this shared emblem and to create an online marketplace where women’s organizations can come together as a community to sell their goods and garner support. Our overall goal is to spread this symbol around the world in order to instill a sense of global belonging and empowerment in women of all races, religions, and ages and to inspire healthy dialogue about the important issues we are facing.

The Birth of Reason symbol is the perfect symbol to represent the women’s movement- the egg expresses women’s power of creation and nurturing, not just of children, but of meaningful thoughts and ideas, while the earth emerging represents the vast power of women to influence the world. We believe that our symbol will perfectly represent our values and serve as the heart of our movement in our pursuit of equality.

Our symbol will be a catalyst for a movement of change – All of our efforts are focused on strengthening the women’s movement and helping it to gain further traction and momentum as women seek justice and equality around the world. Our planet desperately needs the infinite wisdom of women to unify, to rise up and nurture our earth and our people. We are all human beings on one small planet in a universe of infinite energy. Let us use the energy for peace. We can only evolve if we do it with love.

Why we Need this Symbol


There are a wide variety of issues affecting women today. Throughout the world, women are more likely to live under the poverty level, are more likely to be abused, and also make up the largest part of human trafficking. Women have health issues that are not given the proper funding, have fewer opportunities for education, and consistently lower wages than men, among many other inequalities.

All of these issues are intimately related, and working as a unified whole to address them will help us make more progress on each of them. Currently, we are approaching each of these objectives separately, and what we need in order to make progress is unity.

By creating a unifying symbol, we can build a movement faster and with more power than we ever imagined. Symbols have always been one of the most important ways to communicate belief and affiliation. Icons you see every day often hold powerful meaning. No one questions what you are trying to say if you put your county's flag up on a national holiday, march in a rally with a large peace sign on a banner, or have a rainbow flag flying at your door. Throughout history, countless movements have gained momentum under the influence of unifying symbols.

In order to achieve the unity our cause requires, we need a symbol to match the strength of our values and the strength of our numbers. The heart of our movement is about nurturing (and demanding) empowerment, freedom, education, and opportunity for women throughout the world and ensuring that women’s perspectives are heard. Currently, the women’s movement is lacking a symbol that ties us together, and consequently, we are lacking the collaboration we need. Birth of Reason seeks to remedy both of these issues by promoting a symbol with the power to unify all women and create a sense of collective purpose.

History of the Birth of Reason Symbol

The conception of the Birth of Reason symbol was at the Global Women’s Peace Initiative at the United Nations in Geneva in 2002. Judi was so inspired by her experience that she came home to create the original Birth of Reason Egg Necklace. After producing a mold and finding the right manufacturer, she distributed a number of them in 2003. Although years have gone by since this initial circulation, she knows many women who still wear these symbols and hold them close to their hearts, especially in this time of uncertainty and political upheaval.

The Egg Necklace is worn by women all over the world to remind them that they are the co-creators of this earth. This powerful symbol has been worn by hundreds of amazing women including: Linda Gray, Eve Ensler, Susan Sarandon, Sister Helen Prejuean, Sara Miller McCune, Patty DeDominic, Anita Roddick, Jane Goodall, Betty Hatch, Zainab Salbi, Mae Chee Sansanee, Elisabet Satourius, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Meyer Simon to name just a few... add your name to this list of remarkable women who have a sisterhood of co-creation.